1V Cricket Academy Parents


The 1V Cricket Academy has engaged over 70 children since its inception in September 2017. The projects is supported by Children in Need. Parents have welcomed the introduction of weekly sessions taking place at Blackburn Leisure Centre, each Sunday.

The children aged between 5 and 15 are coached by ECB Level 2 Coaches in single hour sessions.

‘The 1V Cricket Academy has allowed my children to become more socially active and develop their social skills such as team work and communication as well as boosting their self confidence in their personal abilities. This has allowed the children to become engaged in a sport which they may have not have originally found interest in.’ Parent 1

‘The Cricket Academy is a fantastic well needed scheme within our community. My son looks forward to it all week and enjoy it very much. Because of it my household has become more active and focused. The children participate in exercise whereas before it was limited in thier routine. It is also a great opportunity for them to interact with fresh new faces. I commend the One Voice organisers and cricket coaches on such a fantastic initiative and look forward to further activities through One Voice for my family to participate in.’ Parent 2.

‘Zarah and Ammarah joined cricket approximately 6 months ago. Zarah lacked confidence and also struggled to make friends since joining a new school in January, so I thought by getting her to join cricket it may help her with these issues that she struggled with.

These One Voice cricket sessions have inspired the girls to enjoy the game. It has provided them with a great first experience of the game and has enabled them to engage with other children from different backgrounds.

The main reason for me sending the girls to cricket were the social and health benefits. I felt they needed to integrate with boys and also form friendships with children from different backgrounds.

I feel It has also been a great way of making the girls learn to cope with winning and loosing. They have been able to work as a team therefore enhancing their social skills with their peers.

Zarah has been able to share her knowledge at school whilst playing with the class. She has demonstrated excellent team spirit with the class and also shown good knowledge of the game. This has helped her with the social problems that she was experiencing after joining the school in January.

I have noticed, that since joining cricket both girls have become confident, optimistic and are extremely positive about the game. Both girls had no prior knowledge about the game however since joining the cricket with One Voice they have been able to follow cricket very well and also enjoy watching it.

They have both made lots of new friends with children from different backgrounds and different ages They always look forward to playing cricket on Sundays. The sessions have been free of charge which has really helped. They have been given cricket tops as well which they always enjoy wearing with pride.’ Parent 3