One Voice Equality & Diversity Policy


  • One Voice Blackburn is open to everyone residing in the Blackburn and Darwen communities regardless of race, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, class, religion, marital status and where they live.
  • It is a Community Interest Company (CIC) that aspires to create an inclusive, cohesive and vibrant community in Blackburn and Darwen.
  • Passionate about health inequalities One Voice looks to engage the communities in every aspect to empower, embrace and educate participants from all sectors.
  • Female sports participation is a key theme for One Voice, young females and those from under privileged backgrounds are encouraged to fully participate.
  • One Voice recognises that every member of our community is important, therefore welcomes all sections of the community.
  • Our core values are based on being, warm, inclusive, engaging and passionate. We have an atmosphere of friendship, respect and care for each other. We are inclusive, not exclusive.
  • The core aim is to treat every individual equally, regardless of their age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation
  • One Voice recognises that where direct or indirect discrimination occurs within any of the One Voice’ groups, it is both morally and legally unacceptable.
  • We aim to use local training opportunities to help our One Voice Leads to better understand how discrimination occurs and how to prevent it.
  • The purpose of the Equality and Diversity Policy is to set out clearly and fully. The positive action One Voice Blackburn intends to take to combat direct and indirect discrimination in the organisation, in the services it provides and in its relationships with other bodies.
  • In adopting this Equality and Diversity Policy, One Voice is also making an unequivocal commitment to implementing it, so as to ensure that equal opportunity is paramount in the level of service it offers.


  • Admission and accessibility to all One Voice services is based through a fair process.
  • Meetings and events are held in venues that are accessible to wheelchair users. At every event One Voice ensure the environment is inclusive and transparent to the needs of individuals.
  • One Voice Blackburn provides activities, guidance and assistance to both genders of the community and from young to old.
  • Directors will take action to ensure that group activities and events are open, and inclusive to everybody in Blackburn and Darwen.
  • O:ne Voice will attempt to have interpreters in both Urdu and Gujarati present at our activities and meetings so everyone can participate. A section of the Blackburn and Darwen community cannot speak or read English.
  • Regular women only meetings and activities are encouraged to support women to play a pivotal and equal role in society.
  • All members of One Voice will have the Equality and Diversity Policy explained to them, and will undertake to comply with and implement this policy.
  • Members who have experienced discrimination can make a formal complaint by following the One Voice complaints procedure.
  • One Voice is committed to ensuring an inclusive environment is promoted during all our activities. We carry out relevant risk assessments to ensure equality and diversity is at the heart of the service we offer.


  • One Voice belongs to the community it aims to organise a range of events and activities to suit the interests and meet the needs of a wide variety of people.
  • For example, parties for Christmas and Eid are celebrated and an summer events programme attracts members from diverse communities. One Voice encourages member participation in community events such as the Mayor’s Ball, Remembrance Sunday and working with local charities.
  • One Voice is open to new ideas, and particularly prioritise opportunities for the community to share their cultural heritage with one another.

Inclusion and respect

  • Every member of One Voice is made to feel equally welcomed and included at all One Voice Blackburn meetings and events.
  • Sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or otherwise offensive and inflammatory remarks and behaviour are not acceptable. These constitute harassment, and have no place in the One Voice Community. Anyone found to be using derogatory terms or racist remarks will be dealt with at senior level.
  • People will be treated with dignity and respect regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, disability and/or age.
  • At all times people’s feelings will be valued and respected. Language or humour that people find offensive will not be used, e.g. sexist or racist jokes or terminology which is derogatory to someone with a disability.
  • No one will be harassed, abused or intimidated on the ground of his or her race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, disability or age. Incidents of harassment will be taken seriously.


This policy was adopted at a Directors meeting on 21st February 2017, and will be reviewed at least every 2 years.