1V Man of the Year 2018


The 1V Man of the Year should be a role model for the whole community. He must be aware of the challenges facing the Blackburn with Darwen community and make an effort to tackle them. The 1V Man of the Year must go beyond his paid role(s) to provide a real difference to the town or profession in which he serves. Furthermore, he must have a record of working in many communities of Blackburn with Darwen.

Tinta Ali

Tinta Ali, originally from the Ivory Coast, lives in Blackburn. He volunteers at the ARC project in the office and at the weekly Drop-In.

Tinta also volunteers at Blackburn YMCA New Beginnings where he is one of the Refugee Champions and is part of the City of Sanctuary working party.
Despite his own challenging circumstances, Tinta dedicates much of his time supporting new refugees He interprets and translates for Arabic and French speakers helping them in their case with the Home Office.

He also spend time talking to students in local schools about life as
a refugee in a bid to spread awareness and break down barriers.

Aftab Mughal

Aftab Alexander Mughal has worked with several charities and has servedg a wide range of communities within Blackburn. He is a freelance journalist, development worker, trainer and a project officer, specialising in community cohesion, minority rights, cultural diversity, human rights, and immigration and refugee issues. Aftab served as an executive member of the International Jubilee 2000 Debt Campaign from 2001 to 2003.

He has conducted several awareness sessions and training workshops for young people and adults at various schools, colleges, faith groups, and charity settings, especially for the asylum and refugee community leaders.

He contributed to a report of the European Parliament Intergroup on Freedom of Religion or Belief and Religious Tolerance in 2015. In 2013, he won an International Award for Women Issues by ICOM, Geneva.


Alastair Murdoch

Alastair Murdoch and his wife Janet, are the Senior Leaders of Re:Ignite. Re:Source Charity was set up by Re:Ignite, which is part of the Global Awakening family of churches.

Alastair and Janet were sent out by St James Church, Clitheroe in September 2012 to plant a new church in Blackburn, “Re:Ignite.” The vision was to have a church in revival that would restore hope to the town and the church, partly by buying and transforming the old Apollo Cinema and Tiggis site as a place for the town.

A former GP, Alistair has been a leading player in developing the project in his role as Chair of Trustees. He was also a local GP for 27 years, serving a diverse community. He has given up his time to raise awareness of the project and to provide Blackburn with a truly inspirational and historic venue.

Hasan Sidat

Hasan Sidat has worked tirelessly within the BME community to highlight the dangers of drugs and addiction to substances and raise awareness of support for drug and alcohol misuse in both young people and adults.

In his unique way, Hasan has reached out to many people from the BME communities and has subsequently broken taboos about the issue of drugs and alcohol in the Asian community.

His relaxed attitude and his in depth knowledge about the community and the subject makes him a unique asset to Blackburn and Darwen.

Hasan has recently set up a specific madrassah to talk openly about substance abuse to Muslim children.