Hedgehogs Meet Duchess


1V Scouts met with Royalty last week when the group was invited by the Scouts Association to showcase its work with children in an early years pilot.

HRH the Duchess of Cambridge was also given a guided tour of the Scouts headquarters by a 1V Scout Explorer.

The 1V Scouts visited Giswell Park in Essex, where they met the Duchess of Cambridge

The Scouts early years provision pilot programme for four and five year olds was announced in November 2018. The pilots are about exploring how younger children can benefit from the Scout programme to improve their confidence, problem solving skills, emotional resilience and communication skills. The pilot scheme also encourages active participation from parents, helping them to support their child’s early development.

The 1V Scouts is one of six who are currently involved in the pilot.

The Duchess of Cambridge attended the event and was firstly greeted by 1V Beavers and Cubs and then went to meet all the young people involved.

The Duchess meeting one of the Hedgehogs from 1V Scouts

The 1V Scouts had several young people in attendance from hedgehogs, to a scout and two explorers. One of the explorers Tahseen Patel was tasked with showing the Duchess around Gilwell Park in Essex, which is celebrating its 100th birthday in 2019.

Tahseen said: “The Duchess was really interested in the kinds of activities scouting offers that children can’t always learn or have access to in schools.”

Duchess was able experience first-hand our pilot programme for four and five year olds and the work being done to help them prepare for their futures.

Iram Shoaib is a parent of one of the young people taking part in the early years pilot said ‘It’s been such a fantastic opportunity for all the young people to meet the Duchess of Cambridge,’ she said.

“They have already got so much out of the early years pilot at 1V Scouts. Each week I see them learning new skills, becoming more confident and resilient.”

1V Scout Group Leader, Nisbah Hussain said,

“It was an absolute privilege to meet HRS the Duchess of Cambridge, and an even greater privilege that a member of our Scouts team showed the Duchess the work of the groups running the Hedgehogs project. We started our scouting movement in 2014, and little did we know that within five years it would be making such an impact on a national level. It was a very proud and humbling moment for all involved.”