West End Girls


The West End Girls (WEGs) are a group of 10-17 year olds from Blackburn and Darwen. The group aim to develop leadership skills and empower the members. The girls inspire and motivate each other creating a positive and affirming atmosphere. The WEGs serve to develop character, self-confidence and social conscious for both the youth and female sectors of the town through a range of activities and campaigns.

Each year a member of the WEGs hosts the One Voice Annual Dinner, in front of an audience of 260 people. The group host a number of high profile visitors including MPs, female leaders within the community, and professional mentors.

The WEGs won three Good Neighbourhood Awards in 2016 through efforts to take care of their community through initiatives such as litter picking, and supporting civic events, including Remembrance Sunday.

“The West Girls is not just a group but a feeling and a concept. It’s a place where you can go with a different environment, and its somewhere you can come to have some fun whilst learning some key lessons for life. You can gain confidence and people respect your views, opinions and outlook. It is very inclusive and engaging.” Shaheena Musa, member since October 2015.

To join WEGs, please email: wegs@onevoicenetwork.org.uk