At the heart of Blackburn

Over the years Blackburn has developed and diversified as both a town in the community and as a community which flourished but was still faced by heavy challenges in health and social care.

Over time social challenges created long term inequalities and disparities which we see today in our town. This has been inherited by 2nd and 3rd generation migrant residents and is at danger of affecting the young population of the community.

One Voice Blackburn lives in the heart of that community and works to address the inequalities and isolation that affect Blackburn people. Our aim is to create a future vision in which all residents irrespective of age, disability, gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation have fair and equal life opportunities.

Through this we promote and develop the physical and mental wellbeing of the individual and provide access to all the services and facilities that exist. We look to fill gaps that exist under current local authority and national provision.

The realities about Blackburn

Blackburn with Darwen has one of the worst life expectancies in the UK.

30.3% of residents are aged between 0 and 19, the highest proportion of young people in England and Wales.

It is the 17th most deprived authority in England, where 1/3 of residents live in areas which are classified as 10% most deprived in England.

Through consultation we have found 4 key areas that need to be addressed:

  • Health through engagement
  • Empowerment through education
  • Leadership through experience
  • Cohesion through inclusiveness

Why One Voice Blackburn is best placed to make a difference…

One Voice Blackburn is based in the community it works with in order to understand its challenges and motivation and its drive to succeed.

Successful aspirants from the Blackburn community lead a social philanthropic vision to improve the life opportunities of young people, disenfranchised individuals, the vulnerable, the isolated growing up and living in Blackburn.

One Voice members plant the seeds for future visionaries to take leads and develop themselves and the communities around them so that social challenges can be met.

Local communities are unaware that lifestyle and cultural choices can lead to long term inequalities and conditions and have a huge impact on the support they receive. One Voice creates that awareness and gives people the opportunities to make tangible life choices to improve their wellbeing.

What is the impact of One Voice Blackburn?

We realise that the world cannot be changed overnight therefore our projects focus on making small changes to create a big impact. Our projects are built to last, and we recognize that change could take generations.

We nurture and develop the aspirations of young individuals by planting the seeds of success for both their family and working life and we continue to look after those seeds thoroughly in order to make sure they grow and blossom.

Our success isn’t just in what we write. Our success can be seen across the community and through the differences that we make.

We see the success in what people say about us; the changes that we see; the comments that we hear.

We have a straightforward approach – we ask our community what they need, we find out how to facilitate those needs and then we deliver.

One Voice Blackburn…