Ammarah’s Lockdown Diary 2

Ammarah Ikram is part of mini WEGs, 1V Scouts and the 1V Cricket Academy. She is also a student at Olive School. She is writing a diary taking about her experiences during this second full lockdown. She lives in Blackburn with her mum and dad, brother Adam and sister Zarah.

Week beginning 10th January 2021

Sunday 10th January

Today was a very chilled day. I was awoken at 8.30am by my mum and this hardly ever happens. My mum and Adam were already downstairs. Zarah was still fast asleep, that girl can stay asleep all day if you let her. I went downstairs and had breakfast. I had cereal with orange juice.

After breakfast Adam and I watched TV and then Zarah came down, she came down ready for her WEGS session, which they did virtually. I had a mini WEGS session but mine wasn’t until later so I was chilling. I didn’t feel like reading so I just watched the Worst Witch on BBC iplayer.

I got ready for my virtual mini WEGS session and it was so good. Even though it was online we had great interaction and we talked about different things like how it felt being at home and about our favourite book. We also were asked about what we’d like to do when we go back to Blackburn Youth Zone for our mini WEGS sessions. I said I’d like self-defence and acting or roleplay. We then played a few games where one player had to guess a word that everyone knew except them by asking the rest of us a question to guess the word (a bit like who am I). It was a lot of fun and all the girls enjoyed it.

After the session ended, I had lunch and then I played Roblox with my sister and then we all played a board game, Monopoly, which I won. Then I went for a bath and ‘facetimed’ my grandma and we all had a good chat. It was very nice chatting to gran as I haven’t seen her since she fractured her arm but thankfully she was okay. I was able to see my uncles and my cousin too.

Then I had my evening meal and then I researched my favourite YouTuber Rebecca Zamolo. Did you know she’s also a writer, producer and an actress? She’s the oldest of 5 siblings. She’s a fighter because she suffered from ulcerative colitis for eight years and has had her colon removed. In my opinion she’s brilliant because she’s achieved so much even though she’s gone through a lot.

I then had a bath and then it was time to go to bed so I read my book and then thought about what tomorrow was going to be like then fell asleep.

Monday 11th January

So on Monday I woke up extremely early and was very thirsty so I got some water. I then got my home learning book and started to finish my work which I hadn’t had time to complete. I then got a text from the teacher informing us that there was a new timetable. I went on my lesson and our teacher was telling us about the new timetable and she made an announcement that we had a new girl start in our class. Her name is Fatima and she seemed nice. I had to leave for assembly; thankfully I was able to join without any issues. I then went back on lesson and I had grammar, it was straightforward. We then had PE but it was really tiring, but he is the best PE teacher.

We then had my favourite subject, which is English as you have probably already guessed. So basically we’ve been learning about Macbeth. Macbeth is a very tragic tale indeed. It’s not a happy ending. In fact it’s a tragedy. So today in English we had to write a letter as Macbeth informing Lady Macbeth (Macbeth’s wife) of the good news about him becoming King and also informing Banquo of the good news that was given to him by the three weird witch sisters. We started the letter but didn’t have enough time to complete as we had our next class.

We then had Maths which was complicated as I didn’t understand much because Maths is definitely not my strong suit. So I struggled in understanding it and couldn’t really catch on with my teacher, I ended up getting help from my sister, but don’t tell anyone.

I then I had my music lesson with Miss Mulla which was very strange but also interesting at the same time. It’s weird having music online because we don’t have the same vibes as when doing it face to face.

Then I had lunch which was lovely. I had pasta but it wasn’t homemade so I didn’t enjoy it as much as my mum’s. After lunch we had guided reading which was okay since I do love reading. However this isn’t the same, the teacher selects pupils to read a page of a story and then our teacher gives us questions and we have to write our answers and then we get asked randomly! Complicated, I know!

Then we had to join Arabic but again not one of my favourite subjects, it was okay but confusing as it’s not my home language. This was the last subject for today and we were able to leave the class and this meant I was able to chill for a short while.

I had a snack and by this time Adam had returned home from school, something which didn’t please me as he always wants to play fight with me. My brother is very energetic and hyperactive. I played with him for a short while but then I had to practice for my mosque, so I went upstairs and got ready for mosque. Each day I must practice for half an hour so that’s what I did and then mosque started which was not good as my Quran recitation was a bit poor. So, I had to keep practicing until it was perfect. Mosque finished on a positive note as my Apa gave me good feedback and said I can do well when I try. The story of my short life so far.

We then had our evening meal which was chicken curry and chapatti which I enjoyed very much. After the meal I went into the living room to talk about my day. We then went on the TV for a very short while and then my brother had to go to bed. My sister and I stayed downstairs whilst he went to bed. We both played snaps whilst we waited and to my disappointment Zarah won. I then went to bed and read until I fell asleep.

Tuesday 12th January

I woke up early and quickly got ready for the day, my mum was already downstairs so I had breakfast then went and got all my school stuff like my pencil my book and of course my ruler .The lesson started and we did snappy maths , during snappy maths we did our practice book we weren’t able to complete on Monday, after we finished the snappy maths, surprisingly we finished 5 minutes early so we went on our assembly and then we went back on class and we did grammar which I was actually enjoying because we learned about parethesis . We then did one subject I could do all year; we did English and as you already know I absolutely love it. You probably already know that we are learning about Macbeth. I am so happy that we are learning about Macbeth, it’s so interesting. So in today’s English lesson we were told to write a diary about how Macbeth felt about what he did. I tried my hardest to express his emotions and feelings in the diary. I didn’t have enough time to finish my diary so I left it to complete later.

Then it was time for a break and then we went on to our P.E lesson which I actually found really tiring. I then got back on class and did my maths which I hated .I also did my pupil text book and my pupil practice book I find it so hard to figure out the answer because maths definitely is not my strong suit .Maths then ended and it was time for our music lesson with miss Mulla which I found really awkward, because it’s not like we are all playing instruments or together, do yes a virtual music lesson is not practical. .I then had lunch so I had some fish fingers and then I got back on class and we did history and learned about a famous gladiator who also invaded Britain after Caesar’s two failed attempts.

Our task for this lesson was to write points for and against the gladiators invading Britain, I had a whole page but they were only for and not really for against. I just couldn’t really think of many points for against I then we had to leave to pray our midday prayers we then went back on class and finished history. It was an interesting lesson and I’d say I learnt something new.

Then we had our final class of the day, we had wellbeing with Miss Walsh which I really enjoyed because Miss Walsh is one of my favourite teachers, she understands me and we’ve always had a good relationship, in the past whenever I’ve had any issues at school she’s always been very nice and understanding and helped me. She always tells my mum that she finds me funny and that she loves me. Then it was the end of the school day.

I knew if I wanted to relax I had to do my 30 minute recording of my Quran recitation so I did it and sent it to my Apa, I then went on my iPad and about an hour and then I joined class on teams, I was actually a bit early so I prayed and then apa came and we prayed and my recitation was actually amazing. Then I had general knowledge and I did so well and so did the rest of the year fives, the year fours not so much. It was then time to do duas (short prayers) and I improved massively. Mosque online isn’t too bad after all, I haven’t really favoured online teaching but due to our current situation we don’t really have a choice.

Then we were able to leave class and so I went downstairs to see what everyone else was doing. My sister was still online and my brother was playing with his power rangers and he wanted me to play with him so I did. My mum was in the kitchen cooking, then it was time to eat and we had curry and chapatti and it was nice. We then helped our mum clean up and it was time for Adam to go to bed, he never goes to bed by himself so my mum took him to bed whilst my sister and I just stayed downstairs and chatted. Then my mum came down and we chilled till it was 9PM then it was time for us to go to bed, as usual I read myself to bed.

Wednesday 12th January 2021

So today we started class with assembly, then it was grammar which was okay. We then had our English class which was about Macbeth obviously and we were advancing on the work from yesterday by turning our diary into a speech. We had a short break and continued with our English lesson. Then we had our Maths lesson where we used our text books and completed a few pages and due to time restraints we were unable to complete our practice book. I went downstairs and my mum had made me curly chips with cheese and onion pie. It was divine.

Next, it was reading. I had to reread a letter and then I had to write back to the person who wrote the letter. I had to write back as his friend Lee, and tell him that I was well after my injury and I had to ask him if it would be okay if I visited. It was time for our afternoon prayer and then we learnt about a story of the Prophet, followed by our final class of the day which was Wellbeing with Miss Walsh.

After school finished I had a snack and then started my Quran recitation recording and sent it to my Apa. I then played with Adam until it was time for us both to get ready for our mosque online class. I logged on and again I was a bit early so I chatted to the others from my class. I then read the Quran to my Apa and it was okay and then I did my general knowledge. Our Apa then gave us the next part of our reading and we left the call. It was pretty straight-forward. I then had some food as I was starving and then I finished off some school work that needed to be completed and handed in by tomorrow.   By this time my siblings had finished class and they were both eating so I joined them and then we cleaned up and by this time it was time for Adam to go to bed. He was very hyper and my mum was struggling to get him to sleep. My sister and I went to our room and today we just chatted, we could hear mum struggling to get Adam to bed. Eventually he fell asleep and then my mum came and checked on us and said it was late and we should go to sleep. I went to bed thinking about how our lives have changed due to this virus but now I just want life to go back to normal.

Thursday 14th January

Today I woke up a bit too early, I think it was 6am, so I stayed in bed until I heard my mum wake up and get my brother ready for school, I then waited until my mum came into my room to wake me up. I then woke up and went to the bathroom but my brother was in it, so I went to the downstairs bathroom and then my mum made me breakfast. I had Nutella on toast which was obviously delicious. I then cleaned away the dishes and went to prepare for school.

I got my books and IPad and logged on to class, I was a little early so I waited. We had assembly and then I joined the class and we had snappy Maths, followed by English which was great as I had to read out my speech to the rest of the class, it was optional so whoever wanted to, could. I think I did well. I then left the call and joined the PE session (we do PE every day for 15 minutes). I enjoyed my PE lesson and then it was time for a short break. After break it was Maths and it was okay because at least I was able to understand column addition and different methods for division problems.

I had jacket potatoes with cheese and beans for lunch. I then went back online and we had guided reading which I didn’t really enjoy because I didn’t get to read. I logged off and performed my afternoon prayers. Then I logged back on and we had to answer some questions about the text that was read. Then we had Wellbeing with Miss Walsh which I thought was good as she explained everything in simple ways and it’s I find it easy to understand her. For the final class our class teacher continued with the story of the prophet.

After school had finished, Adam was already back from school and was in the front room as Zarah was still in class finishing off. I went into the kitchen and had some milk and then I could watch TV for half an hour. My mum limits my time on TV as she feels it distracts me. Which is true.

Some of the year 5 children (my class) were struggling with the Quran recitation in our lesson so they had to stay behind but obviously as I knew it I was allowed to leave early and I didn’t need to send a recording for tomorrow.

I stayed on my Ipad until Adam called me to eat, I went downstairs and it was time to eat our evening meal. I ate rice with lamb, which was nice. I felt like having pasta so I asked my mum if she could make pasta for dinner tomorrow.

It’s been a tiring week even though we have not been out anywhere; I just want everything to be back to normal so we can go to school and mosque and see our family and friends. This lockdown is never ending. I hope it ends soon.

Friday 15th January

I woke up as normal. It was incredibly cold even though the central heating was on. I quickly got ready and went downstairs to eat breakfast. I had egg with a glass of orange juice.

In my class the new girl got ‘Star of the Week’ probably because she’s fitted in well. I was happy for her as it was probably a nice thing to happen to her as I know very well what it’s like to start a new school.

After assembly ended I joined my English lesson and our task was to write what we had learnt about Macbeth so far. I have a great understanding as Zarah has already learnt about Macbeth and she told me the story so I was able to write everything about Macbeth, even things that we haven’t covered. I like being top of the class and I work very hard to get to the top.

The next class was Maths which I struggled with, I hate it even more because I’ve got no one to ask for help and normally in school my partner Mohammed helps me and I always help him with English, or our teaching assistant helps me understand. I get frustrated by this as I don’t like it when I can’t follow. Anyway, it’s no wonder I hate Maths. I certainly am not at the top of my class for Maths!

In the afternoon we did Art, we discussed how when we grow up, we would need a logo, so our task was to design a logo. Again, not of my strongest subjects so yes I designed one but it wasn’t great. I wish I could get the man who designs things for One Voice to help me. All of our graphics are fabulous. We then left for prayers and followed by Wellbeing with Miss Walsh which was great. The last lesson was the Prophets story which was read to us by our class teacher.

My brother was home from school and was eating so I joined him, then I was playing with him when there was delivery from Asda. We very rarely get a food delivery but because of lockdown my mum did a big shop and we got everything delivered. However as exciting and new this experience was it wasn’t as good as I first thought it was. I was helping my mum put the shopping away but some of the items were missing or they sent the wrong items. My mum was on the phone for ages trying to sort it all out and then she eventually got off the phone and she didn’t seem happy. Any way she was going to cook Pasta today so I think she had everything she needed.

I hope those people who work in Asda don’t lose their jobs because we are now ordering from home. I also like going to Asda as I often see my friends or relations and we have a chat. An of course, I sometimes add things to the trolley when my mum is looking the other way. Well, doesn’t everyone?

Saturday 16 January

I had porridge. It’s that time of the year.

Adam was watching TV so I woke Zarah up and we both decided to do a drawing. Zarah is better than me at drawing so she was going to help me. After a while I was really bored as we have nothing to do anymore because of lockdown, I’m glad I will be going to mini WEGs tomorrow.

I miss everyone.

I miss everything.

I wish we could flick a switch and things would go back to normal.

I was forced to go for a walk to the park and back, I hate going out now especially for exercise, probably because I’m so used to being at home. I’m not really sure. Any way it was a short walk and then we came home before it got dark, however, I did notice there were lots of people around. I was shocked to see many groups of people in the park, I was feeling better, think it was good I went for the walk.

I’m not sure why but I was almost a little worried outside, probably as I haven’t been out since last Monday. It’s almost becoming normal to stay home, anyway back to today. I watched some TV and then it was time to eat. We had a takeaway from Oasis. It would be much better if we could go to restaurants again.

We decided to watch a film whilst my mum put Adam to bed. We decided on Anastasia, we waited until my mum joined us and we watched it. It was so good, and we all enjoyed it. It was then time for bed and as usual I read my book and then fell asleep.

Week beginning 3rd January 2021