Annual Dinner Host 2020


A 15 year-old student will be the host for the highly acclaimed One Voice Annual Dinner 2020.

Sifa Turi is a Year 11 student at Pleckgate High School

Sifa Turi is a Pleckgate High School student and is also part of the West End Girls (WEGs) group run by award winning charity One Voice Blackburn.

Indian born Sifa is the eighth host of the dinner which is seen as the largest diverse gathering of its kind in Blackburn. As well as celebrating the achievements of the organisation the One Voice dinner also plays hosts the 1V Community Champion awards.

The One Voice Annual Dinner 2020 is sponsored by Together Housing, Blackburn College and The Art Council.

One of the key aims of One Voice Blackburn is the empowerment of women, especially from the South Asian heritage community. This will be the sixth occasion when the host of their premier event is a female under the age of 16.

“I have been a part of WEGs and One voice for three year now and I have watched as my colleagues have hosted the dinner,” says Sifa, “I always felt as though I could host such a prestigious event. We have been rehearsing for a number of weeks and nothing will be left to chance. I hope I do the organisation proud. They put all of their trust in me to deliver on the night.”

This year’s event will feature the 1V Scouts choir perform for the first time. The WEGs pop group BANNED will be singing the Cindi Lauper classic ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’, and there is also a murder mystery drama.

One Voice Blackburn will be hosting a Members Evening the night before the annual dinner, which will also be presented by Sifa Turi.

Chief Executive Zaffer Khan said,

“Each year we get a clear indication of a young person who we feel is ready to host the annual dinner. We are so fortunate that in our organisation, and in our town, we have so many talented young people. Although this year’s host will have a different challenge, we have absolutely no doubt that Sifa will carry it off with aplomb.”

The One Voice Annual Dinner will take place at King George’s Hall on Saturday 22nd February, 2020.