Next Steps BBC Children in Need


One Voice Blackburn’s Next Steps programme focuses on boosting the emotional and physical wellbeing of our young people, particularly for those most affected by the pandemic. Our workshops are framed around the five ways to wellbeing, encouraging increased self-care amongst our members and giving them the opportunity to reconnect with their peers through a range of fun and positive activities. Our Emotional Wellbeing Coaches also provide further support through group workshops around mental health and emotional wellbeing and 1 to 1 sessions for young people online or face to face. The 1 to 1 support is flexible around the needs of the young people accessing support and delivered over a number of sessions, helping young people to reach their personal goals.

These sessions will be made available to both our boys and girls groups. All of the sessions will be delivered digitally on video calls during the first 1-3 months and whilst One Voice will continue to follow social distancing guidelines with the aim to move towards face to face sessions in the second half of the project but still maintaining some sessions online for those who would benefit most from this alternative offer and for those whose families are most concerned about a return to face to face sessions. One Voice believes that supporting as many of the members to return safely to sessions in person is critical to their personal development and we will engage with families regularly to reassure them about the safety of the sessions and encourage them to allow their children to join in a phased return.

The project is aimed at reducing social isolation which young people are currently facing during the Covid-19 pandemic. Increased virtual and eventually face to face contact for the participants will reduce loneliness which impacts on quality of life and increases anxiety and can lead to poor mental health.

The project aims to improve the confidence and self esteem and overall mental wellbeing of the children and young people by increasing their sense of worth and resilience, increasing their capacity to deal with adversity positively and confidently.

The project aims to increase connectivity between young people and their peers, both off and online with an increased respect and appreciation for one another, improved relationships and greater sense of belonging to a wider community.