Mental Health Leaflets Launch


One Voice Blackburn with Re-Align Futures have produced an educational leaflet on mental health, both for adults and young people.

On World Suicide Prevention Week the discussion on mental health and suicide is more important than ever. The leaflet has been produced jointly by Baiter Sehat (Better Health) lead Nazia Khan and Dawn Hardman from Re-Align Futures.

It highlights mental ill health and how to identify it, with information about where one can go to seek help.

Because of stigma, many see or hear the term ‘mental health’ and think of illness, such as anxiety or depression, but this is actually mental ill health.

The sooner one can identify and access professional help, the more likely a full and permanent recovery.

One Voice through Baiter Sehat has been raising awareness of mental health in the South Asian heritage community for the last five years. Dawn Hardman is a Mental Health First Aid trainer and Suicide Intervention trainer. She said,

“We knew there was a need to challenge stigma, to meet and support each other and to learn skills in order to signpost effectively. To that end, we worked together closely in order to produce these leaflets which are to be used in our communities to encourage discussion and the uptake of services available. A leaflet like this help to ensure those messages of where to get help are received in a gentle manner.”

Nazia Khan added, “We want to encourage people to have honest conversations about suicide and mental health. We hope that this leaflet will help dispel myths that encourage silence on these topics. Building supportive communities can help save lives.”

The leaflet is available in various drop in centres, including Care Network and Bangor St Community Centre.