Mini Career’s Fayre 2019

Young People Thrilled to With Career Insight

A mini careers fayre held by One Voice Blackburn attracted nearly 100 young people to learn more about opportunities available in the job market.

The event was held at Blackburn Youth Zone and attracted parents as well as youngsters aged as young as 10.

Professionals at the event included solicitors, accountants, engineers, journalists, doctors, head teachers, and health professionals. The careers fayre was aimed at the One Voice groups including West End Girls, East End Boys, and 2020 Vision. Parents who are part of the organisation also attended and found it very useful.

Attendees had the opportunity of observing a 10-minute presentation from each host, and were then afforded the opportunity to ask questions. Many of the young people who were present had not decided on their chosen careers so it was an opportunity to gather an insight into a number of professions..

“I am interested in going into medicine so that was very useful for me. But I am also thinking about a career in engineering. There was a lot of information available in quite a short space of time,” said Safiyah Hanslod.

Yuli Doulala-Rigby, who works for Tensar and is also a registered STEM Ambassador thoroughly enjoyed the event.

“It was my great pleasure to be there and I was delighted with all the interest that the young people and their parents showed towards my stand and what I do as a civil engineer.”

Other attendees included Dr. P Muzaffar, Accountant David Gorton, Asian Image editor Shuiab Khan, head teacher Humma Ahmed, engineer Asrar Hussain, and solicitor Aisha Hussain.

Ouswa Ali, from One Voice Blackburn, feels that the event will continue to grow.

“Our community is becoming increasingly aspirational and they are eager for the young people to be aware of the opportunities available to them, especially girls. This is our second Mini Career’s Fayre, and we have already been advised by parents that although it is a good event, we need to attract further professions.”