Together an Active Future


One Voice Blackburn has run successful physical activity programmes with girls of South Asian heritage aged 12 to 19 with Active Lancashire over the last four years, developing role model female coaches to inspire the girls to keep active. At the same time we have been looking to develop sports programmes that would benefit other harder to reach groups.
One Voice Blackburn has been consulting with a specific group of people within the South Asian heritage and refugee / asylum communities in relation to a lack of physical activity on a regular basis.

The groups of people included in the consultation have included, but not exclusive to:
• Women over the age of 30, the majority of whom were homemakers, or secondary income earners.

Why have we highlighted these groups?

We recognised that this group were inactive through conversations with our
own partnership and project groups.
Blackburn with Darwen is well served by groups who reach out to a multitude
of communities and age ranges to ensure that the communities are active.
One Voice Blackburn itself runs sporting programmes for under 16s in three sports. It also runs five satellite clubs with Active Lancashire.
Those aged between 40 and 65, predominantly from a South Asian heritage, least access the activities which these groups provide on a weekly basis and are most inactive. However we know this is a group that is most at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The Project

One Voice Blackburn is engaging with the above group and cultivate a programme through continuous research. The organisation will build on their initial engagement with the groups and begin to develop their ideas of taking part in physical activity on a regular basis. It is our aim to have a number of physical activities running by early 2021 based on the findings of the consultation.