Zenith Programme


The Zenith Programme is a new initiative developed by One Voice Blackburn to effectively support young people in ‘Learning How to Learn’.

Adnan Raja will lead the Zemith Programme

While tuition for young people in our local communities is encouraged to receive support learning through individual support, the One Voice model is very different.

We believe tuition can yield short term results. As an organisation that aims to empower our community we should be looking at what yields the greatest long-term results. By putting an emphasis on understanding how students learn they are able to take greater ownership of their education and thus reach their potential. Not only do they still get extra hours of work outside of school, but they are then also maximising the benefit they get from their lessons at school. And, most importantly, the Zenith Programme costs a fraction.

It is our ambition to guide the young people through to GCSEs, AS Levels and A levels. This programme will run until the young person reaches the age of 17, or reach Year 13, whichever is sooner. This programme isn’t simply an opportunity for your child to achieve high GCSE grades, it is to develop the young person so that he or she can work independently towards exam at all levels, including A levels and degrees.

What does it mean to ‘learn how to learn’?

Broadly speaking, an education curriculum is teaching knowledge, skills, or a different way of thinking. For example, in mathematics students are taught knowledge (certain foundational equations), skills (solving equations) and a different way of thinking (logical thinking). Therefore a student who knows more effective ways of acquiring knowledge, picking up new skills, and adapting their mindset will be better placed to succeed than a student who does not.

Nimra Iqbal (right) is one 20 young people inducted into the new programme

What would the programme look like?

The programme would focus on a number of core areas:

  • Revising
  • Note taking
  • Sitting exams
  • Memorisation
  • Understanding the curriculum
  • How to approach classes
  • Studying independently
  • Using the internet to learn

Who would most benefit from the Zenith Programme?

The programme is targeted at students in Years 7, 8 and 9. The programme would look different depending on when the student enters. A student who enters in Year 7 will essentially have three years acquiring the ability to ‘learn how to learn’ before they then have to implement it in their GCSE exams and beyond. A Year 9 student on the other hand has only a year before they have to implement these lessons and therefore it would be a much more intense process.

How will the programme run?

We will meet with the parents on four occasions throughout the year in a seminar/workshop setting. The remainder of the programme would be a mixture of in person sessions, virtual (zoom) sessions, tailored articles/blog posts, and 1-to-1 consultancies with individual students. There would be a periodic review to see how students are finding the programme. Please bear in mind that this programme is NOT a series of 1-2-1 tuition sessions. We expect the parents to support in this programme.

Who will be running the programme?

The Zenith Programme will be run by One Voice Blackburn and led by Adnan Raja. Adnan has achieved an outstanding set of results throughout his education career, from GCSE to degree level through independent and focused learning. Adnan works for JP Morgan in London and New York, but is passionate to support young people in his home town of Blackburn.